A committed player and a precursor on the pool market, DEL has a rich history of innovation since 1975. Located at the heart of Brittany, our industrial site is based around a research and development laboratory to design innovating and reliable products, both by their design and their technology.

120 employees who are passionate about their jobs, 30,000 custom-made automatic slatted covers produced, 120,000 liners produced, our know-how is recognised both in France and abroad.



Because a pool is a fully fledged living space, DEL takes special care over the design of its products.

Creative designs or eternal lines, the integration into the environment using colour, the aesthetics of shapes at the service of durability, we design equipment and collections that correspond to current trends, season after season.



Practicality, comfort, strength...We have always selected top quality materials.

Because at DEL we believe that a pool only has meaning if it is sustainable, we create products that are strictly compliant with the toughest standards.



At a time when "Made in France" seems to be a preoccupation, DEL has been proud of its roots and its location in Brittany for 40 years. All bespoke products are produced in our French workshops.



For over 10 years, Del has participated in the federal and regulatory bodies to actively take part in the definition and implementation of safety standards.

A pioneer brand for the private pool safety Act, DEL is now providing help at the European level.

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