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  • Rollenergy Evolution in-ground automatic cover for pool
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  • Rollenergy Evolution automatic cover

Adaptable to all types of new build and renovated pools

Rollenergy Evolution is an in-ground automatic cover adapted to all types of pools, whether new build or renovation, and requires no structural work. Its in-ground, watertight tubular motor is remotely controlled from a control box.

Product bonuses:

  • Easy to install
  • Ideal for renovation
  • HQ motor available as an option




Roller 2 years warranty
Motor 5 years warranty
NFP 90-308 safety standard compliant
New build

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For which pool?

The Rollenergy Evolution in-ground automatic cover is designed for pools from 2.5 x 3 m up to 8 x 15 m with a 3 m diameter step unit.


  • Composite plate fixing system with 120 or 250 Nm tubular motor built into the tube. 
  • Remotely controlled by Wi-key, the remote wireless or key switch-operated control box.
  • Equipped to manage stop sel control box data as standard.
  • IPE wood cover pit finishing decking
  • Watertight in-ground tubular motor
  • Slatted cover made from opaque PVC or polycarbonate solar slats.
  • Slats available in several colours to be in perfect harmony with your environment.


Remote control box

WI-KEY: Remote control box Find out more

Maximum safety

An indispensable addition to DEL automatic covers, locking kits make it possible to guarantee the complete closure of your pool. A wide choice of colours makes it possible to match the kits to your coating colour. Ask your pool professional for advice.

Advice for use


  • Clean your automatic cover fully twice a year (start of season and wintering). This is even more important if you have hard water. To do this, use a high pressure cleaner and tepid water combined with a de-scaling product.
  • Also make sure to regularly clean the locking systems and especially the anchor to prevent it from jamming. We recommend lubricating the anchors once per year for the best operation.
  • It is advisable to inspect the whole system in the event of abnormal strain on the cover (eg. somebody falling)
  • Check the straps annually.
  • Apply a saturator or a treatment oil to IPE and Beech decking once or twice per year.


  • Winterise the pool depending on its geographic location.
  • Close the automatic cover in the safety position.

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Please read carefully and keep in a safe place.

Rollenergy is a pool safety cover designed to prevent children under 5 years old from accessing the pool. This product complies with the NF P 90-308 standard It is not a substitute for common sense or personal responsibility. The purpose of this cover is not to replace the vigilance of parents and/or responsible adults which remains the essential factor for the safety of young children. A child can drown in under 3 minutes, no type of protective measure can replace the monitoring and vigilance of a responsible adult. Warranty: 3 years for the motor and the slats and 2 years for the electric roller in compliance with our general terms and conditions of sale. Manufacturing form: For the cover to be correctly fitted to the pool it is essential to supply a drawing of the pool with measurements taken every metre. In compliance with standard NF P 90-308, the gap between the inside of the pool and the edge of the cover must be less than 70 mm. Manoeuvre time: 3 minutes for automatic opening or closure plus 30 seconds to lock or unlock the safety locking system. Rollenergy can be opened and closed by a single person. Use: in all seasons. For correct operation maintain a constant water level corresponding to normal pool filtering. It is essential to fit a water level regulator. The water level must be compliant with the instructions. Use limitations: The installation of an automatic DEL cover on overflow pools and/or pools with steps on the length side (removable steps on the side) is not compliant with standard NFP 90-308. In this case please use other compliant equipment. Unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer, immersion alarms are not compatible with DEL automatic slatted covers. Wintering: Close the pool for winter depending on the geographic location. Without lowering the water level, close the cover in the safety position and eventually install a wintering net to protect the cover. If the water level is dropped to put the parts to insert above the water line, roll the cover and secure the pool using a winter safety cover. Packing list For 5 x 10 m pool. Slats: 4 packs of 5.10 x 0.25 x 0.20 m. Stand: 1 pack 4.948 x Ø 0.16 m. Beam: 1 pack of 5.1 x 0.17 x 0.12 m. Duck boards: 1 pallet 1.20 m x 1.00 m x 0.50 m. Motorisation kit: 1 pack of 0.62 x 0.35 x 0.35 m. Weight: 350 kg. Securiwall: 1 pack of 5.00 x 0.25 x 1.27 m. Weight: 77kg.