During the season we recommend you clean your liner every week.

After having emptied the skimmer baskets and the pump pre-filter, clean the waterline using an appropriate non abrasive and solvent free product, the clean the walls and pool bottom using a brush. To finish, backwash the filter to prevent it from clogging.

We also recommend changing one third of the pool water every year in order to prevent isocyanuric acid saturation, and to replace the filter material at least every 5 years.


You can choose to winterise your pool when the water temperature is below 10°C.

Choose a winter cover to prevent dead leaves from accumulating at the bottom of the pool. Otherwise, clean the pool often to prevent impurities from staining the liner.

Maintain your normal water treatment, or use a special winterising treatment.

To prevent frost from damaging your pool or its filtration system, we recommend using an anti-freeze system (gizzmo) or lowering the water level. If ice forms, do not disturb it as this would risk cutting the liner.

Water treatment and balance

Pool and pool water care are essential in improving the liner’s service life. An incorrect water balance can cause staining and wrinkles on liners. The pump capacity and filter sizing must allow for filtration of the water for from 4 to 6 consecutive hours. To find out filtration time, apply the following formula:

filtration time = water temperature / 2

It is imperative to run the pump daily, especially in very hot weather.

Water temperature must not exceed 28°C.

The water pH must be compliant

  • pH between 7 and 7.4
  • TH between 8 and 25°F
  • TAC between 8 and 12°F

Water care must use specific pool products. There are several possible solutions:

  • Inorganic chlorine of which the level must be kept between 0.7 and 1.2 mg/l. We recommend combining it with a stabiliser to guarantee its effectiveness
  • The stabiliser, or isocyanuric acid must not exceed 70mg/l.
  • Bromine must not exceed 2mg/l
  • PHMB is a disinfectant that was prohibited in 2008 and must no longer be used




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