Experiment with waterlines and liners colors to find out our combination of colors

Show waterlines

Color of liner

  • Protect 33 white

    Liner protect 33 white Water effect white
  • Protect 33 beige

    Liner Protect 33 beige Water effect beige
  • Protect 33 ice blue

    Liner Protect 33 ice blue Water effect ice blue
  • Protect 33 royal blue

    Protect 33 royal blue Water effect royal blue
  • Protect 33 dark grey

    Liner protect 33 dark grey Water effect dark grey
  • Protect 33 steel grey

    Liner protect 33 steel grey Water effect steel grey
  • Protect 33 Industria

    Liner Industria Water effect Industria
  • Tradition white

    Liner tradition white Water effect white
  • Tradition beige

    Liner tradition beige Water effect beige
  • Tradition ice blue

    Liner tradition ice blue Water effect ice blue
  • Tradition adriatic blue

    Liner tradition adriatic blue Water effect adriatic blue
  • Tradition outremer blue

    Liner tradition outremer blue Water effect outremer blue
  • Tradition green

    Liner tradition green Water effect green
  • Tradition argile green

    Liner tradition argile green Water effect argile green
  • Tradition black

    Liner tradition black Water effect black
  • Tradition light grey

    Liner tradition light grey Water effect light grey
  • Tradition black granite

    Liner tradition black granite Water effect black granite
  • Tradition mosaic blue

    Liner tradition mosaic blue Water effect mosaic blue
  • Tradition quadra blue

    Liner tradition quadra blue Water effect quadra blue
  • Tradition quadra grey

    Liner tradition quadra grey Water effect quadra grey
  • Tradition quadra anthracite grey

    Liner tradition quadra anthracite grey Water effect quadra anthracite grey
  • Tradition marbled

    Liner tradition marbled Water effect marbled
  • Tradition carrara

    Liner tradition carrara Water effect carrara

Effect in water

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Elegance Liners with printed Tile-bands

The Elegance liners combine a tile-band printed directly on the white or grey liner (no welding between the tile-band and the rest of the wall) depending on the selected model.

Elegance liner Vésuvio

Vésuvio light grey wall

Elegance liner Bréhat

Bréhat light grey wall

Elegance liner Bénédicte

Bénédicte white wall

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