• Ultima Cover above-ground version automatic cover
  • Ultima Cover above-ground version automatic cover for pool
  • Ultima Cover above-ground version automatic cover

Ideal for pool refurbishments

The above-ground version of the Ultima Cover is perfectly suited to renovation projects and to free-form pools. Discretely concealed in a pit at the end of the pool, it fits in to your pool environment harmoniously.

Product bonuses:

  • Keeps the pool perfectly clean all year round
  • Optimum safety, total pool closure
  • Powerful and reliable hydraulic motorisation
  • Very quick rolling and unrolling
  • Reduces bench size with supplied structure




2 year warranty
NFP 90-308 safety standard compliant
New build

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  • Maximum cover size: 7 x 14m.
  • Bench structure in high strength grey powdered aluminium
  • Corrosion resistant aluminium rails. 2 models available:
    • Flat rails under coping
    • Rails screwed onto the pool side
  • Delivered with a cellar drainage pump to drain stagnant rainwater off the cover.


Remote control box

WI-KEY: Remote control box Find out +

NF P 93-308 compliant colours

Medium grey colour

Medium grey

Beige colour


Almond colour


Green colour


Blue colour


Dark grey colour

Dark grey



Non compliant colours

Cobalt blue colour

Cobalt blue

Royal blue colour

Royal blue

Juniper blue colour

Juniper blue

Gold colour


Brown colour


Black colour


Glossy green colour

Glossy green

Red colour


Silver colour


Advice for use


  • Regularly clean the rails and the cover fabric using a hose to prevent leaves from collecting and rotting on it.
  • Check that the drainage grates are not obstructed.
  • Do not use abrasive products or solvents to clean the cover.
  • Clean the drainage pump: remove and rinse the filter, the central turbine and the stainless steel slats located at its base

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Please read carefully and keep in a safe place.

Ultima Cover is a pool safety cover designed to prevent children under 5 years old from accessing the pool. This product complies with the NF P 90-308 standard It is not a substitute for common sense or for individual responsibility Its purpose is not to be a substitute for the vigilance of parents and/or responsible adults which remains the essential factor in the protection of young children. "A child can drown in under three minutes. No type of protective measure can replace the surveillance and vigilance of a responsible adult". Maximum Ultima Cover size: 2.5 x 3 up to 7 x 14 m. Production sheet: For the automatic Ultima Cover to be correctly fitted to the pool it is essential to fill in the order forms and comply with the technical recommendations provided by DEL. Manoeuvre time: Ultima Cover can be opened and closed by one person. For a 10 m long pool, automatic opening and closure requires about 1 minute. It is recommended not to operate the cover when there is stagnant water on its surface (in excess of 100 litres) and when the water on or in the pool, or around the pool is frozen. Warranty: 2 years for the fabric and the motorisation in compliance with our sales terms and conditions. Use: In all seasons. For correct operation maintain a constant water level corresponding to normal pool filtering indicated on the order form. Use limitations: Unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer, immersion alarms are not compatible with Ultima Cover. Ultima Cover is compatible with overflow pools on condition that we have given our technical validation. For "waterfall type" overflow pools, please consult us for a technical feasibility study of your configuration. Wintering: Use active wintering without varying the water level by more than 5 cm. If there is an excessive amount of snow on the cover, it should be removed it. Packing list For 5 x 10 m pool: 2 80 x 120 x 136 cm pallets / 1 80 x 120 x 136 cm pallet / 4 160 x 160 x 5 m eur packs. Weight: Approx 350 kg.