Top of the range cover with exceptional performances

Due to its exceptional strength, the Supergreen is the ideal mesh cover for large-sized pools.

Product bonuses:

  • Excellent opacity
  • Faultless strength
  • Ideal for large-sized pools
  • Easy to install
      3 year warranty
      NFP 90-308 safety standard compliant

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      For which pool?

      The Supergreen cover is designed for pools from 2.5 x 3 m up to 6 x 13 m with a 3 m diameter step unit for a standard compliant cover and up to 12.5 x 25 m for a non-compliant cover.


      • Polyethylene mesh of unequalled strength
      • 89% opacity to combat photosynthesis while letting the water flow.
      • Fixtures adapted to wood or concrete coping.
      • PVC protection under the straps, 3 needle sewing for long lasting strength.
      • Polyethylene mesh - 235 g/m², unequalled strength.



      Advice for use



      • Correct care of your winter safety cover is the best guarantee of a long service life.
      • Regularly clean the cover using a hose to prevent leaves from collecting and rotting on it.
      • Do not use abrasive products or solvents to clean the cover.
      • When you open the pool, clean the cover and leave it to dry. Store it in a dry location.
      • Clean the anchor drillings or cap them using a plug so that they do not clog.

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      Please read carefully and keep in a safe place.


      Supergreen, Initial and Lake are pool safety winter covers designed to prevent children under 5 years old from accessing the pool. These products comply with the NF P 09-308 standard They are not a substitute for common sense or personal responsibility. Their purpose is not to be a substitute for the vigilance of parents and/or responsible adults, which remains the essential factor in the protection of young children. A child can drown in under 3 minutes, no type of protective measure can replace the monitoring and vigilance of a responsible adult. Guarantee: 3 years degressive excluding wear on the coping in compliance with our sales terms and conditions. Operating time: unrolling the cover requires 2 people and takes about 10 minutes. Use: during the winter season (a different safety system should be used when the pool is in use). Winter: for correct operation during the wintering period, the water level must be between 15 and 20 cm below the coping. Packing list 1 750 x 500 x 350 mm. Order form: to obtain a safety cover suitable for your pool it is essential to fill in the corresponding order form.