Since its creation in 1975, FIJA - a pool market actor - has continued to grow while maintaining the pioneer spirit of its beginnings. FIJA has an entrepreneurial spirit and a long term perspective. Being an entrepreneur means innovating, clearing the way, growing, and never giving up. The French market, which is the leading European market, is changing year after year from being a new build market to being a renovation market. Our mission is to anticipate and accompany this change, both by being even closer to our customers, physically of course, and also by offering more services, more training, and more marketing.

It also means an ambitious new product policy to meet consumer expectations. Whatever the sector of activity, FIJA innovates.


DEL is based in Brittany close to Rennes, and groups together 2 production activities: flexible products – liners, summer covers, winter covers – and rigid product production – automatic covers and rollers. Designed to meet a "custom-made, just in time" demand, DEL has positioned itself in the top range of its markets while industrialising its production methods to a maximum.




A pool equipment distributor since 1975, CEC meets three customer requirements: to have the equipment in stock and deliver in under 24 hours, to provide advice and training, and to maintain a high level of customer relations. Located in Saint Quentin-Fallavier near Lyon, CEC successfully combines these three requirements and is well known for its reactivity.




CLASS, in Perpignan, is historically known for its production of liners and flexible covers. CLASS has widened its offer and now proposes a full product line of liners, covers and automatic covers.







RPC is based in the Lyon area and brings the FIJA group its expertise in reinforced membranes. RPC's know-how allows FIJA Group to meet the needs of public pools.

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