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Coatflex, exceptional performance for elegance

Equipped with a protective acrylic varnish, on-site lining Coatflex is made of high performance PVC for an anti-stain and anti-aging guarantee. Its silky touch and its matte finish give it a very contemporary style.

Product bonus

  • High class product with acrylic protective coating.
  • High resistance to chlorine and UV.
  • High resistance to ageing and temperature.
  • High stain resistance.

For which pool?

The on-site lining CoatFlex meets the requirements of very busy pools (e.g. hotel or camping pools) and is recommended for family pools, especially in the following configurations

  • Renovation of old pools, especially large ones.
  • Watertightness of unusually shaped pools, for example with stairs of more than 5 steps.
  • Overflowing pools with spout system.
  • Underwater beaches.
  • Indoor swimming pools.


  • 150/100ᵉ reinforced membrane with anti-stain protective varnish.
  • The CoatFlex membrane performs better than the NF EN 15-836-2 standard to ensure a coating that exceeds the requirements for stability and longevity.
  • 15 years watertightness and 3 years anti-stainwarranties for permanent use up to 33°C.
  • Anti-slip adhesion: complies with NF-EN 16582 standard, class C 37°.




For added safety, equip your stairs and small bath with the 150/100ᵉ anti-slip, available in the same colour range.

How to use

Clean your pool every week in season:

  • Clean the skimmer and the prefilter of the pump
  • Use a non-abrasive, solvent-free waterline cleaner to clean it
  • Sweep the walls and bottom of the pool
  • Backwash the filter for 15 minutes to avoid clogging.

Replace one third of the pool water every year to prevent saturation of the water with stabilisers.

Renew the filter media at least every 5 years.

Winterize when the water temperature is below 10°C using a winter cover to protect the liner from staining by dead leaves.

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