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Classic above-ground B-1.0

The safety blanket that lasts through the seasons

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The Classic bar covers for pools above-ground are 4 season safety covers. Perfectly adapted to daily use in spring and summer, it also allows you to winterize your pool in complete peace of mind to find clear water as soon as the sun comes out. Made to measure, it adapts perfectly to the dimensions of your pool in compliance with the NF P90-308 safety standard relating to the law on the safety of private pools.

Product bonus

  • 4-seasoncover
  • Excellent value for money

For which pool?

For pools above-ground up to 5,00 x 10,00 m.


  • Opaque PVC cover, weight 580 g/m².
  • Finished with a hem along the length of the cover.
  • Anodised aluminium bars.
  • The cover is supplied with a valance or crank handle, a second valance or crank handle is included from 50 m².
  • Double stainless steel eyelets provide greater resistance to tension.
  • Removable roll-up strap to allow the cover to be rolled up on the pool.
  • The unwinding strap is equipped with a quick release for easy handling.
  • Tensioning by stainless steel ratchet.
  • The anti-lift function on the lengths is ensured by beige safety bungee cords, fixed by stainless steel hooks on the walls.


Motorised reel for bar covers

How to use

  • Good maintenance of the safety bar cover guarantees its longevity
  • Regularly hose down the cover so that leaves do not accumulate and decompose.
  • Do not use abrasives or solvents to clean the cover.

Please read carefully and keep for future reference

Classic (B-1.1), Classic above-ground (B-1.0), Premium (B-2.1), Premium Universal (B-2.2), Premium Color (B-2.3), Premium Easy (B-2.4), Premium above-ground (B-2.0 ) are all-weather pool safety covers designed to prevent access by children under 5. These products comply with standard NF P90-308. They are not a substitute for common sense or individual responsibility. Nor are they intended to replace the vigilance of parents and/or responsible adults, who remain the essential factor in protecting young children. A child can drown in less than 3 minutes; no type of protection can ever replace the supervision and vigilance of a responsible adult. Warranty: 3 full years for all models, excluding wear and tear on the coping and bending of the bars in the event of overload, and 1 year for the crank handle and ratchet tensioners in accordance with our general terms and conditions of sale. Limits of use: not suitable for overflow pools (for all models) and windy areas (wind ≥ 70 km/h) (for Classic and Premium Easy B-2.4 models). Model B-1.1: pool width 5.00 m, maximum length 12.00 m; other models: pool width 5.50 m, maximum length 12.00 m.Set-up time : 1 person, approx. 3 minutes. Use: all seasons. Overwintering: For proper operation, the water level must be between 7 and 20 cm above the level of the deck or coping. Place wintering floats diagonally and skimmer anti-freeze devices. Apply winterizing products before installing the cover. Packing: 1 package 0.30 x 0.30 x 6.00 m. Total weight: 37 kg. Order form : to obtain the right safety cover for your pool, please complete the appropriate order form.

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