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Solar polycarbonate slats

Slats that heat your pool and make it safe

The new solar polycarbonate slats combine the excellent insulation of PVC slats with energy performance, acting as real "solar collectors". Perfectly adapted to the coolest regions, they allow you to heat your pool water and gain several degrees compared to a conventional cover.

Product bonus

  • An exclusive DEL
  • Genuine solar collectors that heat the pool water
  • Extreme impact resistance
  • Suitable for mobile, above-ground and in-ground automatic slatted covers


  • 69 mm slats, 13 mm thick, without lead additives.
  • They are UV treated and stain resistant.
  • The solar polycarbonate slats are real solar collectors that allow you to heat the water in your pool.
  • Thanks to the 3 different sizes of caps and the shaped caps for the spokes, the slats can be adapted to all pool configurations.
  • The boards can be assembled by pushing or clipping them together.

Colour of the slats

Maximum security

An essential complement to the DEL automatic slatted covers, the hanging kits ensure that your pool is completely closed. A wide range of colours allows you to match the kits to the colour of your cover. Ask your pool specialist for advice.


Remember to order your winter shift to protect the Slats from UV and dirt.

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