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About DEL

Actor hired and precursor on the pool market, DEL has a rich history of innovation since 1975.

Liner welding at CF group - DEL SAS in Brécé
Liner welding - Atelier Brécé
Rolls of Bubble covers at CF group - DEL SAS in Brécé
Bubble covers - Brécé workshop

Located in the heart of Brittany, our industrial site is animated by a research and development laboratory to design innovative and reliable productsby their design as well as by their technologybut also by passionate and dedicated teams within our manufacturing workshops.

What would a pool be without a perfect liner or a protective automatic slatted cover ? From on-site lining to the liner, from automatic slatted covers to the automatic covers and rollers, everything is made to measure on our production sites. Taking precise measurements is essential for a perfect result! All our custom-made products (liners and automatic slatted covers) are manufactured in our workshops in Francemainly on our Breton site of Brécé, in Ille-et-Vilaine.

DEL is a CF group brand.

Opaque PVC 69 slats - Brécé workshop


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