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Motorised reel for bar covers

Your motorised roller for faster and easier rolling up, thanks to its wired remote control.

Product bonus

  • The Roll-e takes only 3 minutes to roll up the bar cover of your pool (on a 10.00 x 5.00 m pool).
  • Its wired remote control allows you to move Roll-e forward without tiring.

For which pool?

The Roll-e roller is compatible with a maximum cover size of 5.00 x 12.00 m (pool size 4.50 x 11.50 m).


  • Allows for approximately 10 windings thanks to its built-in battery. It can be charged from the mains using the jack on the remote control. Roll-e fits onto the 15 mm square outlet of your bar cover.
  • The drive square is lengthened for a better fit in the bar cap when winding.
  • Supplied with an adapter for right-hand winding.

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