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Ultima cover in-ground

A protected and clean pool all year round

The integrated version of the Ultima Cover automatic cover is ideal for building or converting rectangular pools. With its motorisation integrated in a dry pit at the end of the pool and its rail system hidden under the deck, it is the guarantee of a pool project perfectly integrated in its environment.

Product bonus

  • Keeps the pool perfectly clean all year round
  • Optimal safety, total closure of the pool
  • Powerful and reliable hydraulic drive
  • Very fast winding and unwinding.
  • Perfect integration into the environment


  • Maximum dimensions of the cover: 6.00 m (distance between rails) x 14.00 m (total length of rails).


  • Corrosion-resistant aluminium rails. 4 models to choose from :
    • Rails under the coping :
      • Flat rails
      • Savings rails hung
    • Offset rails on deck
      • Screw-on rails on deck
      • Built-in rails on site
  • No hanging kit required.
  • The water in the pool remains perfectly clean thanks to the opacity of the liner.
  • Reduction of chemical consumption.
  • Delivered with a cellar pump which allows to evacuate the stagnant rainwater on the roof.


Remote control box


How to use

  • Regularly hose down the rails and cover to prevent leaves from accumulating and decomposing on them.
  • Check that the exhaust grilles are not obstructed.
  • Do not use abrasives or solvents to clean the cover.
  • Clean the drain pump: remove and rinse the filter, the central impeller and the stainless steel blades at its base.

Please read carefully and keep for future reference

The automatic cover Ultima cover is a safety cover for swimming pool, intended to prevent the access of the swimming pool to the children of less than 5 years. " This product complies with the NF P90-308 standard. It is not a substitute for common sense or individual responsibility. It is not intended to replace the vigilance of parents and/or responsible adults, which remains the essential factor for the protection of young children. A child can drown in less than 3 minutes; no type of protection will ever replace the supervision and vigilance of a responsible adult. Guarantees: 2 years on the cover and on the motorization according to our general conditions of sale. Order form: for the cover to be correctly adjusted to the pool, it is essential to provide a completed order form and to respect the technical recommendations provided by DEL. Operating time for a 5.00 x 10.00 m pool: 1 minute for automatic opening or closing. The opening and closing of the Ultima cover can be done by one person. It is not recommended to operate the cover when there is standing water on the surface of the cover (over 100 liters) and when the water on the pool or on the surface or around the pool is frozen. Use: in all seasons. For a good functioning, maintain a constant water level corresponding to a normal filtration of the pool. Limits of use: unless otherwise indicated by the manufacturer, the immersion alarms are not compatible with the covers DEL. Overflowing pools are subject to technical validation by us. Wintering: it is mandatory to winterize the pool depending on its geographical location.

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