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Opaque PVC 84 slats

The standardized automatic slatted cover blade with a unique, modern, uncluttered design.

Unique design on the market thanks to black joints and plugs that stand out from the color of the blades, but also thanks to the flexible "boat deck" effect joint, which facilitates cleaning between the blades.

Product bonus

  • Modern and clean design
  • Flat blade for a perfect finish on the water surface
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Registered and patented model


  • Exclusive to CF group, 3-year warranty.
  • Extruded PVC slats without lead additives.
  • Material complies with the ageing resistance requirements defined in standard NF T 54 405-1: 2013.
  • The slats are UV-treated and have good stain resistance.
  • Blades are assembled by threading.
  • Flexible connection with "boat deck" effect.
  • Black welded caps for a perfect seal.
  • The Opaque PVC 84 slats are compatible with :
    • The automatic slatted covers in-ground
    • Ponds up to 5,00 m
    • Pushlock hanging kits only
    • Ponds with radii
    • Ponds with cut-outs or stairs
    • Ponds with overflow or mirror

Colour of the slats

Maximum security

An essential complement to the DEL automatic slatted covers, the hanging kits ensure that your pool is completely closed. A wide range of colours allows you to match the kits to the colour of your cover. Ask your pool specialist for advice.


Remember to order your winter shift to protect the Slats from UV and dirt.

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