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Blue blue - 500 μm

The most efficient cover: it maximises solar energy to heat the pool

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Totally opaque, the 500 micron Blue Bubble cover absorbs the sun's heat and retains UV rays, thus preventing the growth of algae in the water.

Product bonus

  • High resistance to wear and tear
  • Excellent flatness of the roof

For which pool?

For pools up to 7.00 x 14.00 m.


  • 500 micron polyethylene film, blue in colour.
  • High resistance to wear and tear.
  • Anti-UV treatment.

How to use

  • Rinse the cover regularly with clean water.
  • Remove the cover before shock chlorination.
  • Protect from the sun with a tarpaulin, a folded or rolled up blanket after use.
  • Never bathe under the blanket.
  • Do not use in winter.
  • Do not handle below 5°C.

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