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Midnight - 400 μm

Ideal against algae growth

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Midnight allows both to limit the proliferation of algae and to have a good calorific output. Ideal for temperate climates.

Product bonus

  • Geobubbletechnology
  • Limits the growth of algae

For which pool?

Providing good solar performance and excellent algae protection, the Bubble cover Midnight is ideal for pools located in temperate climates.


  • 400 micron two-tone blue/blackpolyethylene film.
  • Saves on treatment products
  • Reduces energy consumption by more than 50%.
  • UV and antioxidant treatment to prevent chlorine degradation of the polyethylene.
  • Geobubble technology creates more durable pool covers and allows for maximum resource and energy savings.

How to use

  • Rinse the cover regularly with clean water.
  • Remove the cover before shock chlorination.
  • Protect from the sun with a tarpaulin, a folded or rolled up blanket after use.
  • Never bathe under the blanket.
  • Do not use in winter.
  • Do not handle below 5°C.

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